Photo Favors
Green Screen - Fun Explosion

  • 200+ Digital Backgrounds (Magazine Covers, Travel Destinations, Artistic Andy Warhol Effects, Scenic Photo Backgrounds, Hollywood movies, TV Shows and many more)
  • Includes: 5x7 Gallery Matte Frames with Plastic Covers, 5x7 Acrylic Frames, an assortment of other 5x7 frames, Key Chains, Magnets, Fun Photo IDs, Snow Globes, Compact
  • Mirrors, Director Frames (Hollywood-Style Clapboard Frames), Black Coffee Mugs, and Mini Photo Viewers.
  • Each photo is customized: e.g. "Katy's Sweet Sixteen, June 21, 2013"
  • You will receive the digital disk with all the photos after event
  • Guests will receive unlimited photos for the duration of the party: i.e. we won't stop at a 100 or charge for any extras.
  • The price includes: labor, supplies, travel, setup/breakdown costs, taxes. There are no other fees.
  • Dozens of customization options with variety of frames, snow globes and other awesome party photo favors.
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