Synthetic Ice Skating Rinks for Events

Synthetic ice rinks are often referred to as "plastic" ice rinks and an environment-friendly alternative to real ice skating rinks. It is smooth enough to perform any of the most advanced edge, toe jumps and figure skating spins. Synthetic Ice Skating Rink is a huge attraction at any kind of event. It is the most highly recommended and requested synthetic ice product due to its many extraordinary benefits, applications & qualities. It delivers outstanding performance by offering unequalled gliding capabilities, skill execution and people enjoy every type of sport in this artificial ice.

Artificial or Synthetic ice is made up of plastic polymer that best resembles the consistency of a giant white cutting board and quicker to install and are absolutely portable.
Synthetic Ice Rink rental is perfect for Special Events. We rent portable rinks to accommodate all your spectacular events including fund raisers, trade shows, bar & bat mitzvahs, weddings and many more. Ice skating always turns out to be a great party and an impressive event. So if you are looking for some family entertainment that provides friendship, fitness and fun, then look no further than Great Neck Games & Productions.
Advantages of Synthetic Ice:
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost Savings
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Any Climate, Any Season!
  • Real Ice Skating Feel
  • No ice-resurfacing machinery required
  • No refrigeration required
  • No electricity required
  • No wasted time in freezing or defrosting
  • Can be transported to a different location
  • Synthetic ice panels are easy to store
  • Quick installation
  • Indoor/Outdoor skating
  • Wide variety of uses