Bar/Bat Mitzvah Games for your Events

Bat/Bar Mitzvah is the ceremony celebrated at the time when a boy or a girl reaches a particular age of maturity according to Jewish law. At this auspicious time they become full-fledged Jewish adults and are presented with both the opportunity to grow spiritually and the responsibility to become a better person. A bar or bat mitzvah is an important rite of passage for a young Jewish person, and the party that follows the ceremony should be an event to remember.

The celebration requires plenty of planning and preparation and can be made even bigger and better with Bat/Bar Mitzvah games. In any Bat/Bar Mitzvah event, games should be presented in an organized, well-paced manner and should meet the objective of entertaining the guest and fun for all. There must be provision for including a variety of active games, especially geared towards the enjoyment of the younger guests.
Bat/Bar Mitzvah can be a group learning experience which allows players to express some of their feelings about an up coming ceremony and to explore some of the value conflicts which may arise. Addition of games inculcate some basic values about the importance of Jewish education, responsibility and the importance of making the Bar/Bat Mitzvah an opportunity for performing Mitzvot.
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